Dana Al-Nafisi is a pioneer among the flourishing landscape of Kuwaiti jewelry designers, launching her brand, DANAFISI, in 2007.

Dana's passion for luxurious accessories and jewelry was evident from a young age. From humble beginnings whereby she created simple, personalized bracelets for family and friends, her unique designs steadily grew into a recognizable brand, leading to a full-fledged jewelry line and business. To further develop as a designer, Dana joined the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London in 2010, attaining a certified diploma in Diamond Grading in addition to a certified diploma in Jewelry Design. In addition, she has completed a number of courses at Central Saint Martins, acquiring skills in illustration for jewelry design. These studies afforded her the opportunity to be taught by professionals in the field.

Dana's simple and elegant designs use an innovative blend of rich metals and precious stones to create pieces that convey a modern sensibility. Her passion for immaculate and detailed craftsmanship is reflected in her unique collections and customized pieces.

This precision and brand identity has made her an internationally acclaimed jeweler, attaining recognition and popularity among Hollywood stars and international publications.